Why The Proper Choice Of Kayak Trailer Is Important

Published: 19th February 2008
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In olden days, kayaking was applied for fishing purpose only. With changing times, though, the kayak has become a very popular sport. The kayaks are made from different materials and have various designs. The kayaks are used for sport, recreation and transportation. Traveling in a kayak is a wonderful, pleasant experience and golden opportunity to be close to the nature. A well-planned kayak trip offers a lot of fun, adventure and thrill. You can explore the beautiful lake, river and ocean through the kayak.

If you don't have a kayak, you can get it from several kayak outfitters. You will need the kayak trailers for transporting the kayak safely. If the kayak is too heavy, then it is a tiring attempt for you. The kayak trailers definitely facilitate the transportation of kayaks to the desired spot.

There are several manufacturers of kayak trailers such as Trailex, Blue Mountain Outfitters, Magneta, AAA and Castle Craft Multiple. There is a big competition between these manufactures. Kayak trailers are available in various sizes such as single kayak trailer, two place kayak trailer, four place kayak trailer, ten place kayak trailer, nine place kayak trailer and sixteen place kayak trailer.

The single kayak trailer is created for the standard kayak of 12 feet length. Its maximum capacity is about 900lbs. It doesn't require much assembly. As it is made from aluminum, it requires very less maintenance. It has adjustable carrying arms.

Two place kayak trailer is maintenance-free as it is made up of aluminum. In addition to that, it is lightweight and strong. It can be used for carrying two kayaks at a time. The four place kayak trailer is applied for carrying four kayaks at a time. Its maximum capacity is about 900lbs. the carrying arms of this kayak can be adjusted up and down.

Nine place kayak trailer features coated springs and epoxy. It is having the maximum capacity of about 1200lbs. Ten place kayak trailer can carry ten kayaks at a time. Its maximum capacity is about 1600lbs. Sixteen place kayak trailer features 12 adjustable web strap clips as well as epoxy coated springs. Its maximum capacity is about 1000lbs.

The biggest advantage of using the trailer is that it saves the time and creates fewer problems during loading and unloading of the kayak. Whenever you want to go out for kayaking, just attach the trailer to your car and drive off. When you return home after kayaking, no need to unload the kayak.

Most of the kayak trailers are the multi-kayak trailers. They have the equipment storage space underneath or between the kayaks. However, single or double kayak trailers are also available. Proper choice of kayak trailer is very important. It should be big enough to hold the kayak. You can buy a cheap kayak trailer and modify it to build a good trailer. During modification, be conscious about the balance and weight. The kayak should be properly balanced on the trailer. It should have proper weight to avoid getting blown away.

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