What To Bring To A Job Interview

Published: 27th June 2008
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A job interview is one of the most important part in everyone's life. One must take it seriously, as it alters your life. A successful interview for a particular job can make your dreams come true. If not taken seriously, you may loose a good job and once again, you will have to go in search of a new job. Research has shown that today's youth does not know what to bring to a job interview. Here are some guidelines about what to bring to a job interview:
Bring something that will keep you occupied. For instance, you should bring a novel or a comic book. You can also bring a joke book. This will tickle your sense of humour and you will be free of tension. Some people unnecessary worry about the interview and stress themselves.

This may lead to problems like stomache, headache, backache etc. Bring some medicinal tablets and pills that will keep a check on these problems. For instance, you can bring an aspirin for headaches and antacids for stomache. Bring some chocolate or some other snack that has high sugar content. You should bring those snacks that you can finish in minimal bites and are easy to digest. Eat these snacks in case you have failed to have anything during lunch. . Do not bring snacks like coffee, chewing gum or soda. Avoid cigarettes. While going to an interview do not carry any electronic gadgets like cell phones, ipods, walkman etc.

When going for a job interview, you should have a pack of cloth tissues. If you are required to stay in a hotel for a job interview, see to that, that you bring the necessary clothes in which you feel comfortable. Women should carry additional pair of pantyhose. You should also bring a pair of shoes that are extremely comfortable to wear. The shoes must be clean and well polished. Shoes should be black in color.
Bring some extra copies of your resume in case the company asks for more copies.
The most important thing is that do not forget to bring the necessary documents that you have to show during an interview. You should bring documents such as last degree certificate, age proof certificate. If you have worked in some other company, you must carry the experience letter, before going for an interview.

Do not forget to bring the list of references of those people who are working in the company. You must also bring a briefcase to your job interview. A briefcase in your hand gives a professional and elegant look. You can also keep your important documents in the briefcase instead of carrying them in your hand. You should also bring pen and paper to a job interview. Bring job skills portfolio if you have. You can also bring work samples if they are relevant. You can also carry a breath freshener such as breath mint in case you have a bad breath. A fresh breath will instill a confidence and you will be able to speak without hestitation.

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