The Number of Countries that Currently Have Ikea Locations is that of 34

Published: 17th January 2008
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The giant furniture superstore Ikea is known in many parts of the world. This is mainly due to the various stores that can be found in the different continents. To let you see where you can find an Ikea store near by you should first check what the Ikea locations are. You can find this information from the Ikea website and also from various articles on the internet.

While this information is easily obtainable we will take a small tour of the different locations where the Ikea stores are located. First off you should understand that Ikea has over 241 stores. This number will increase as new stores are being opened in various countries. The number of countries that currently have Ikea locations is that of 34.

Most of the different Ikea stores are currently found in Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia and the US. The Ikea chain of stores also has Ikea locations found in the Middle East as well as in Israel. These many different Ikea stores which are located in these different places has lots of products for the home at low prices.

When you take a closer look at the Ikea locations you will notice that these stores are spread out in different countries. For instance in Sweden there are about 16 different Ikea locations from where you can shop. Meanwhile Germany which holds the largest market of customers for Ikea products has about 41 Ikea locations. The next largest country where you can find various Ikea locations is that of the US.

While these are just a few of the countries where you will find Ikea locations there are others. Some of these locations have closed operations for different reasons. Some of these reasons have to do with the local laws for the area where the Ikea stores are located. In other cases the Ikea stores have been closed down because new Ikea locations have been acquired.

You can find the nearest Ikea locations in your country from the website of Ikea. This site will have a list of the different countries where Ikea does business. From the list of countries that have been given you can find the Ikea store which is nearest to you. In some cases you can also find the Ikea locations for each country by looking at their country web pages country map.

The map will display the many different Ikea locations where you can buy all of your products. As a result of this you should be able to see the best place for you to buy your Ikea goods from.

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