The Different Types Of Dry Erase Clipboards Available

Published: 19th February 2008
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Dry erase clipboards are easy to use. Different types of dry erase boards are available in the market in varied sizes and qualities. The smooth glossy writing surface of the white board depends upon the range and the grade quality. The frame of the white board is made up of exclusive wood material. Some of the frame works that are of superior quality are furnished with oak satin anodized aluminum and mahogany.

The writing surfaces may or may not be a magnetic recipient. Projection is possible with some of the white boards whereas some of the boards are furnished with extremely bright surfaces and projection turns out to be impossible. Selection of the dry erase should be based on the requirements and needs.

Wrong selection of the board may result in frustration and expenses might turn out to be higher. Board manufactures provide valid information and suggestions that prove to be effective to the customers.

Water proof and weather proof clip boards are available which enables the protection of the documents from the natural elements. Persons involved in any type of activities and where they are prone to work irrespective of the natural elements are undoubtedly benefited with the help of weather and water proof clip boards.

Reports of accidents registers with regard to fire assembly pickup and delivery notes stock taking sheets and registers that are maintained outdoors essentially need water proof clip boards in order to protect their documents.

Damages that arise on account of natural factors may be eliminated through the proper selection of water proof clip board. At present days weather proof writer clip board is available which makes the work easier for those people working on outdoor environments.

Normally people do not prefer to work outdoors but under certain circumstances they are forced to do so. Duplication of the work process and transferring of the data to neat and clean sheets is not necessary.

Weather writing clip board along with plastic see through cover is loaded with spring. This particular type f clip board can be used in snow rain or when the weather is windy. Clip boards with weather writing provision is available in different sizes.

These clip boards have specific features and advantages. Press fasteners facilitate easy and quick release. When it is unnecessary the clip board can be folded flat. It provides enough space for the holding the card name.

Both internal and external paper clips are provided. Sockets for holding two pens and dual eyelets that can be attached to the safety neck cord are very helpful. Logo or customized art work can be put up on a clipboard.

Dry Erase Clip boards have the facility to display the variety of games. The entire court view of the volley ball and Basket ball can be displayed with the help of the clipboard.

Dry erase marker and easy wipe off surface is provided with the clip board. Dry erase marker can be used on both the sides of the board for writing purposes. STD clip boards will be helpful for teachers and coaches. These clip boards can be used as dry erase boards.

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