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Published: 14th August 2008
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We know that stress is present in the body because of symptoms and you will find very many symptoms of stress. Symptoms are not unique and they are easily mistaken for other conditions. One thing that is for sure, people react very differently when it comes to stressful conditions and you can sometimes fail to recognize the presence of stress in your life. Stress mainly affects three parts of our bodies and they include the behavior, thoughts and our bodies. Symptoms affecting the body are physical while those from our thoughts are mental. Our behavior is influenced by our feelings and it is helpful to make the distinction among the three. Look out for the following symptoms in your body and know that you might be suffering from stress.

The symptoms include headaches, chest pains, pounding heart, high blood pressure, skin breakouts, sex problems, weight problems where you might gain so much or loose so much, sleep problems which might be too much sleep or absolute lack of sleep which is insomnia, tiredness, increased sweating, diarrhea, constipation, stomach problems, grinding of teeth, clenching of jaws, back pain, muscle aches, shortness of breath and many others. The physical signs might manifest in twos like headache and back pain, you have to be vigilant while dealing with the problem. Taking a painkiller for the condition might not do the trick in the long term and you therefore need to address the root cause of the problem.

On your feelings and thoughts, you will experience the following symptoms which are negativity, inability to concentrate, guilt, resentment, forgetfulness, burnout, confusion, feeling insecure, job dissatisfaction, mood swings, anger, sadness, depression, irritability, worrying, restlessness, anxiety and the list goes on. Emotions are a very good place to start while dealing with stress because they affect how we perceive things. If you feed your mind with positivity, you will have managed your stress no matter the cause of the stress. To reduce sadness you can engage in an activity to help others and forget your troubles. Serving others has been found to be very beneficial to the emotions.

Finally, symptoms of stress in our behavior include eating too much, not eating enough, angry loud episodes, abuse of drugs, drinking too much and smoking, withdrawing from the society, crying for no reason, blaming others, reduced productivity, problems with relationships and the problems are endless. Our behavior is just as a result of the stress but, we can take deliberate measures to make sure that there is a counter effect to stress. Avoid acting out some of the symptoms like abusing drugs and blaming others. Crying may help you overcome your grief. All in all you need to get back to the root cause of your problem and see how best to deal with the problem. If you are able to remove a stressor or remove yourself from the stressor, it will be for the better. If you are able to adapt to the problem, by all means do so and the effects of stress will go away.

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