Severe Yeast Infection

Published: 18th July 2008
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Severe yeast infection is a condition that is as a result of an untreated yeast condition. It can also be as a result of an underlying condition. Whatever the reason may be, know that you can get relieve from the condition. It is caused by a fungus referred to a monilia or candida albicans. You will experience many and sometimes severe symptoms when you have an infection. First, it is vital for you to know the causes of yeast overgrowth which can lead to a severe condition. The first cause which is very common is the use of drugs like antibiotics, drugs used during chemotherapy and others.

Severe yeast infection can affect any part of the body including mouth, gut, skin, ears and vagina in women. The first thing however you will realize when you have a severe condition are the symptoms which can be very devastating. When the gut is affected you might suffer from a condition that is known as a 'leaky gut'. This is where yeast cells grow in the intestines and become very radical. They seek to colonize the gut by forming special structures known as rhizoids. The rizhoids are able to penetrate the walls of the intestines causing a lot of harm. When you suffer from this condition, you will suffer from bowel obstruction and other complications.

Gut infection is therefore considered one of the most severe yeast infection. The problem comes when the victim of the infection does not know what the problem is. They may visit a doctor who might medicate the wrong condition and there will be no relief. You therefore need to be ahead with every necessary information about yeast. If you suspect to have a severe infection in the gut, you can start on a diet that will provide relief and sometimes cure. You need to know what feeds yeast in the gut and keep away from such foods. Yeast loves sugar, mold foods, fats and others. You need to start eating green leafy vegetables together with alkaline foods.

The internet is full of resources which will guide you on how to make a severe yeast infection diet which will starve yeast and kill them. The infection can also affect the vagina and this may be due to factors like chronic diseases. Many have had recurrent and severe infections just to have tests done which revealed diabetes. This does not mean that you have the chronic diseases but it simply means that you have to have them ruled out. A health professional will guide you on the way to manage the diseases which will improve your condition. Make sure you follow the doctor's instruction to the letter to get rid of infections.

Severe yeast infection may be as result of not using the right medication to treat or using it in the wrong way. If you experience the symptoms, do not take them lightly and self medicate. There are women who have treated vaginal infections with antibiotics thinking that it is a bacterial infection. Any person who knows a bit about yeast will know that this is a remedy for disaster. After you have known for sure that you have yeast, do a search and come up with the right medications. All in all, visit a health facility when you are suffering severely and they will administer treatment for systemic infections.

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