How To Know That It Is Nummular Eczema Or Not

Published: 16th April 2008
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Nummular eczema is a type of eczema. This disorder shows its appearance when you experiences irritating, small circular patches on your skin. It is also known as nummular, nummular eczematous dermatitis, or nummular dermatitis.

If someone from your family suffers from asthma, allergy, atomic dermatitis or similar disorder then you may get coin shaped patches of nummular eczema on their skin. The exact cause of nummular eczema is unknown. It is not too common and mostly does not affect the youngsters.

The condition of nummular may be worse with dry skin. Environmental irritants could make it worse. Your daily stress will be harmful for you if you are suffering from nummular eczema. Your skin comes across temperature changes then you may get these spots.

How to know that it is nummular eczema or not? If your skin shows, coin shapes patches on the arms or legs then you should find a doctor immediately to treat the same. Hurry, or else these spots can spread fast on your whole body. These spots will be leak and become crusty afterwards. Thus, you can detect that it is nummular eczema.

Hey, your smooth skin changes as raw skin and there is redness or inflammation on skin! It can be nummular eczema. Itching is also one symptom of this disease. When you go to a doctor, he will ask you about your family medical history. Possibly, you can come to conclusion that someone in your family was already suffering from nummular eczema.

You have to take precautions to control the condition. Avoid triggers such as wool, lanolin, and certain foods, that can make symptoms worse. Your dermatologist can suggest you not to have frequent baths. Because sometime excess bathing and plenty use of soap leaves the skin dry, which often worsens the condition.

The dermatologist can also ask the patient to use suitable skin ointments, soaps, or moist bandages to get relief from, rough, dry, or healing areas. Your nummular eczema condition will not go worse.

Sometime doctor recommends tar containing skin ointments or creams, corticosteroids, skin moisturizers etc. if the condition is severe. In very few cases dermatologists prescribes heavy doses of steroids to consume by mouth or injection. Serious conditions of nummular eczema need experts.

You may suffer for a longer time in nummular eczema. Do not worry, go for a medical treatment and avoid irritants. It can help you a lot.
Complications like secondary infection of the skin may develop. If it happens, then call your health care provider for an appointment and discuss your problem. Your symptoms continue like fever, redness or pain then consult your doctor. It is better for your nummular eczema.

Nummular eczema is more common in the winter. Nummular eczema can easily infect with dry skin people. Washing clothes using fabric softeners such as Kling may also irritate the skin with nummular eczema. Hot and cold weather often irritates eczema. Allergies do not cause this disease but they can make the condition worse.

Visit a good doctor and take medical treatment to get rid of nummular eczema.

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