How Alcoholism In Argentina Affects The Population

Published: 21st May 2008
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Alcoholism en Argentina is not very different from alcoholism elsewhere, when a human being consumes abnormal quantities of alcohol on daily basis he becomes an addict. Offcourse for the symptoms of alcoholism to set in the person has to be an addict, meaning that he should be unable to live with out consuming a certain quantity of the substance on daily basis. When we talk of alcoholism en Argentina we shall be discussing some statistics particular to the geographic area and the symptoms and social issues of alcoholism, which in general remain the same world over.

In a recent study conducted in Argentina during its economic crises showed that there were many changes in the drinking patterns of the citizens. During the economic crises there were less people going to pubs and bars as they could not afford it, instead they resorted to drinking at home. The money spent on the alcohol was limited thus making them buy cheaper brands of alcohol, but the number of people going in for escape drinking was greatly increased. All this happened due to the social and economic pressure on them, the women were seen complaining more and more during this period. Now as the economy of the country is improving, the trends are changing again with less escape drinking, more and more people flooding the bars and larger amounts of good quality alcohol being sold over the counter. This was a short summary of the statistics of the alcoholism en Argentina, now let's tackle the more serious issue of the symptoms and social effects of alcoholism.

The male to female ratio of alcoholism en Argentina is suggestive of the fact that women are not far behind in any aspect of life as compared to men, but it would be good if they just picked up the good habits. The repercussions of female drinking are far more severe as compared to male drinking, with the women the unborn child is at greater risk. The more common symptoms of chronic alcoholism include liver disease, pancreatitis, gastric acidity and ulcers, alcoholic neurosis, hypertension, cardiac disease and erectile dysfunction.

The most commonly affected organ is the liver, beginning with mild jaundice like symptoms and ending in end stage liver disease or cirrhosis. The effects of alcohol are irreversible after cirrhosis sets in; till that stage is reached all the changes can be reversed. Thus making it wise to detect and treat on time, the only treatment needed is complete abstinence. Pancreatitis can also give the patient severe pain and cause malabsorption of proteins since the enzymes for protein digestion are produced by the pancrease.

The erectile dysfunction makes the sexual life of the male worse, since alcohol is said to increase the desire but reduce the power to perform. This increases the frustration and acts like fuel to the already changed personality of the individual, leading to more acts of psychosis like violent and illogical behaviour. In short whether it is alcoholism en Argentina or any where in the world, the reasons and symptoms will always remain the same.

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