How Acupuncture Meridian Chart Specifies The Location Of Meridian Points

Published: 25th March 2008
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The human body has a powerful bio energy flows that can be traced to 12 meridian points. These are the main door ways of the human body. An acupuncture treatment in these meridians will help to get relief from number of diseases. Acupuncture meridian chart helps to understand various meridian points and the diseases cured by giving treatment in these areas.

The lung meridian according to Acupuncture meridian chart has 11 points. The needle pressure in the points helps to get relief from respiratory problems like cough, Asthma, Tonsillitis, respiratory failure and so on.

The large intestine meridian has 20 points. The diseases like back pain, shoulder pain, sore throat, febrile diseases etc can be cured by selecting any of these 20 points and giving acupuncture treatment there. Even coma can be cured by giving treatment in Large intestine meridian.

The Acupuncture meridian chart specifies treatment to number of diseases by giving treatment in the stomach meridian. The stomach meridian has 45 points and this is the second largest meridian in the human body. Paralysis, rheumatism, abdominal pain, dysentery, anorexia, diarrhea and much more diseases are cured by getting acupuncture treatment in stomach meridian.

The spleen meridian has 21 acupuncture points. The Acupuncture meridian chart listed some of the diseases cured by giving treatment to these points. They are abdominal distention, numbness, chilliness in leg and knee, hernia, diarrhea, pain in ankle joints and so on.

The heart meridian has 9 points. The acupuncture treatment in these 9 points will give relief from pain in shoulder and arm, insomnia, sleeping disorders, anxiety, and hysteria and so on. The acupuncture treatment given in these points can also help a patient to recover from coma.

The small intestine meridian has 19 points. Joint pains, neck pains, facial paralysis, tooth ache, deafness, sore throat, shoulder pain etc will be cured by giving treatment in small intestine meridian.

The urinary bladder meridian has 67 acupuncture points. This is the most important and prominant meridian point in the human body. The acupuncture treatment in these points will help to get relief from problem in head to bottom. Headache, sprains, dysentery, constipation, paralysis and other number of diseases can be cured by pressing these points with a fine needle.

The kidney meridian has 27 acupuncture points. Diseases like constipation, dysentery, hernia, abdominal pain and mental disorders like hysteria can be cured by giving treatment in these points.

The pericardium meridian has 9 points. Insomnia, wrist pain, joint pain, malaria, tuberculosis, chest pain etc will be cured with the help of these points.

The gall bladder meridian has 44 acupuncture points. Epilepsy, menstruation problems, back pain, paralysis, leg pain, thigh pain etc will be cured by giving pressure in these points.

The liver meridian has 14 points. Urination problems, infertility of male, pain in knee joints can be cured by giving treatment in these points.

The acupuncture meridian chart also specifies the location of meridian points in various organs. Normally he Chinese name for these points are given in the chart. For our convenience, English alphabets and numbers are used to specify the points. For example LU1 will indicate the point in the Lung meridian.

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