Exhaustion & Procrastination; The Habit of Most Clutter Bugs

Published: 17th January 2008
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One of the biggest blocks stopping you from getting your house decluttered is the mental stumbling that you have. You know, the one where you look at the mess your house is in and feel exhausted. This is the habit of most clutter bugs and something that will stop them from even starting the decluttering process. This means that it is a decluttering pitfall, so watch out.

Personally speaking, this mental apathy and the exhaustion you feel, both equate to procrastination. You take one look at the clutter and do everything in your power to not declutter.

The last thing that you want do is to tackle this overwhelmingly large project, and besides where would you start and when would it all end?

There's nothing more exhausting for a clutter bug than going through the list of things that needs to be done. Just sorting through the clutter in your mind is something along the lines of a Herculean effort and when you even think about applying all that physical energy you become exhausted.

So how do you get over it? A little will power and a bribe usually works best! Yes, you will probably have to bribe yourself with the promise of that little something you've been denying yourself for sometime now. It's always that first little spurt of getting yourself going that takes the most energy. It's actually a law of physics I think, Newton's first law to be exact.

To get a stationary object (that's you), to move, a force will first need to be applied to it (that's your will power). Once started, the object will then continue until another force is exerted to stop it. I think that I've mangled the actual words but the sentiment still remains. To get yourself started on decluttering you will need to have a kick start, but once you start you will most likely find that you like the results and continue for a goodly while.

For most people however, the kick start comes in the form of a shock, or a need of some sort. They needed to be jolted out of their complacency before they can even begin to contemplate decluttering. In my case it took breaking my leg and having to live with my clutter surrounding me in all its glory. Oh, and in earlier days, it was the thought of my mother coming over! The whole bribing myself thing didn't work for me, because I ultimately ended up getting my bribe without doing the work!

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