Basic Things To Remember When Choosing A Coin Sorter

Published: 19th February 2008
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Coin Sorter equipment can come in handy. A coin Sorter is a machine used for sorting of the coins into individual denominations and then coins are deposited into respective containers. The coin sorter makes use of the size, weight and shape of the coin to sort them. These coins are of selective sizes. It takes just few minutes to complete this task, which saves your lots of time. It is very useful at the places where transaction of large amount of coins takes place.

A coin sorter machine comprises of a vertically disposed hopper with a top entrance and exit at bottom for coins. This hopper is fixed mounted. It also has the rotating disc having flexible surface, which carries coins on its top surface. This rotating disc moves in a selected direction. There is also a drive motor for rotating this disc. A stationery plate is placed slightly away from flexible surface of the disc. This stationery plate has an area for placing coins in single layer and in single file. A guiding edge, which engages selective sized coins in a single file are guided along a prescribed path. The positions of engaged coins are determined by their respective diameters. Sorting area distinguishes between coins of different denominations and selects those coins for exiting them from rotating disc. These coins are then deposited at different locations according to their denominations.

High volume coin sorters can sort approximately 10,000 coins per minute. High volume coin sorters are super fast and have warranty of around 50 million coin sort. They have a capacity of handling large amount of coins. They are useful for bank and armored carriers. Low volume coin sorters have capacity of handling 3000 to 4000 coins per minute. They may have coin wrappers or coin drawers for sorting of different denominations.

While choosing your coin sorter you need to remember three basic things. Speed of coin sorter is the first thing. A coin sorter should sort the coins fast. Coins sorted are counted as coins per minute, which decides the speed of a coin sorter. Size of coin sorter is the second thing. If a business is small then a coin sorter having capability of sorting 3000 to 4000 coins per minute may be adequate. The same sized coin sorter can also be used for teller purposes. A large sized coin sorter can be inconvenient because it needs more room and is difficult to move around.

The Electronic Coin Sorter: The electronic coin sorter is designed to make the task of rolling coins faster. Press the button and drop your change into this coin sorter. Electronic coin sorter sorts your coins rapidly. Pre-formed coin wrappers perfectly fit into coin holders. The electronic coin sorter requires cell batteries to work with.

The Digital Coin Sorter: The digital coin sorter is one of the best types of coin sorters. Many different models of the digital coin sorters are available in market. Some are heavy-duty coin sorters, which handle large amount of coins per minute. Some are battery operated and small coin sorters, which handle just 20 coins at a time. Just by pressing a button one can view the counts of dimes, pennies, quarters and nickels.

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